IMD helps GE to redesign its Executive Education at Crotonville

Von am 2. Juli 2011

General Electric (GE) has asked the IMD in Lausanne to redesign its leadership programs at the corporate university in Crotonville. According to IMD president Dominique Turpin it is the first time after 20 years that GE works together with a business school.

Crotonville is recognized as the first and often as the most famous corporate university in the world, where management education is directly connected with the company`s strategy. The fact that GE has selected the IMD for revamping its programs – and not one of the top US-schools – is a big success for the Swiss school. “That`s more important than being number 3 in the Financial Times ranking”, said Turpin at a press conference during the „Orchestrating Winning Performance“ conference, the flagship-program of the school, which took place this week and was attended by 480 managers from 45 countries.

According Turpin GE has selected the IMD, because of its flexibility in design, its strong customer orientation and because it offers a different perspective. „We don´t follow a particular kind of management style or ideology.”

The IMD not only helps GE to redesign its programs, the school will also deliver some of the programs at Crotonville following a common trend.  More and more companies require business schools to deliver the programs where they want, explained Turpin. Whereas in the past the IMD has delivered about 90 per cent of the programs at its own campus in Lausanne, it´s now only 75 per cent.

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