Wharton MBA criticize teaching quality

Von am 25. Oktober 2017

A current Wharton student has launched a scathing attack on the quality of teaching in the school’s MBA program, which he calls “cartoonishly bad”. The student, writing anonymously in the student newspaper, The Wharton Journal, criticized one professor in particular for “reading someone else’s slides aloud” and becoming “visibly annoyed” by questions in class. Although students dropped out in droves, complained to academic advisors and gave him a rating of 1.27 out of 4 for instructor quality, the professor is back in the classroom this fall.

The quality of teaching in many elite MBA programs has long been uneven and inconsistent, largely because of the outsized emphasis business schools place on academic research in promotion and tenure decisions, explains Poets & Quants. That often comes as a surprise to students who expect a world class institution with a highly ranked MBA program to deliver top-notch teaching quality. But students are often disappointed.

Foto Bärbel Schwertfeger, MBA Journal

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