Professor Dr. Jens Wüstemann, Mannheim Business School

Von am 4. Mai 2014
Professor Dr. Wüstemann, Mannheim Business School

We welcome the initiative by Bärbel Schwertfeger, which is a designated expert for the international MBA market not only for decades, but is also for an independent, critical and fair reporting. I am convinced that her blog for MBA prospects and students, companies and business schools is an important source of information.

Professor Jens Wüstemann is President of Mannheim Business School. As Academic Director Professor Wüstemann has been responsible for the planning, the successful market launch and the continuous development of the ESSEC & MANNHEIM Modular Executive MBA as well as that of the Masters of Accounting & Taxation. Since 2001 he holds the Chair of Accounting and Auditing at the University of Mannheim. Professor Jens Wüstemann has gained a high reputation as an expert for management education in the international market.

Foto Bärbel Schwertfeger, MBA Journal

Über Bärbel Schwertfeger

Bärbel Schwertfeger ist Diplom-Psychologin und seit 1985 als freie Journalistin im Bereich Management, Weiterbildung und Personalentwicklung tätig.