GMAT: Used by more than 5,000 programs worldwide

Von am 20. April 2011

The GMAT exam, the most widely used assessment for business and management programs
around the world, has reached a new milestone as the number of programs accepting
the exam has now exceeded 5,000 for the first time, according to the Graduate Mana-
gement Admission Council(GMAC).

The increase in number of programs marks a 31 percent increase from the 3,800 programs
that used the GMAT only five years ago. Much of the growth is being fueled by drama-
tic increases in usage by programs outside the U.S., particularly in Asia and Europe.

Also in Germany the number of users has grown dramatically. Did only 1,825 Germans
take the GMAT in 2006, their number was 3,832 in 2010. But German examinees were one
of only three groups identified that did not have an MBA program as their top prio-
rity. Most score reports in 2009 were sent to the Master in Management Program at Uni-
versity of Mannheim, followed by the Master of Science in International Business at
Universiteit Maastricht und the MBA program at INSEAD.

“The dramatic growth in programs that rely on the GMAT as a critical part of the ad-
missions process is a strong testament to the validity, reliability and security that
have been the hallmarks of the GMAT,” said Dave Wilson, president and chief executive
officer at GMAC.

GMAC is also committed to improve the test constantly. Among the developments are:
•     New “Integrated Reasoning” section of the GMAT exam to be introduced in June 2012.
•     The number of GMAT test centers has grown 37 percent in the last five years, from
      about 400 test centers in 96 countries in 2006 to more than 550 test centers in
      110 countries in 2011.
•     Pioneered the use of PalmSecure, a biometric technology that ensures the identity
      of a test taker, making the GMAT a worldwide leader in high-stakes academic tes-
      ting security.
•     GMAC now has offices in London, New Delhi and Hong Kong, developing specific
      programs and initiatives tailored to schools and test takers in those markets.

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